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The World Is Ours


Global marketing just sounds so glamorous, doesn’t it?

On paper, the idea of leveraging a strong strategic and creative thought across multiple geographies is undoubtedly a great concept, saving time, effort and cost and ensuring a high degree of consistency.

The reality, as we all know however, can be very different.

As more and more of the work coming to us is in the form of global briefs, we’ve been looking to shore up our global offering for a while now. Although we already conceive, plan and deliver work on a global scale for our clients, our aim was to strengthen our service and capabilities in this space at both strategic and executional levels.

And to help make the reality of global marketing live up to the concept.

Going Glocal

In our business, we use three driving tenets to help steer the creation of global campaigns that work: Grounds up thinking, Co-creation and Over Communication. They have allowed the regions to have a strong voice and a connection into campaign planning at a global level that ensures fit-for-purpose content and assets for all.

The next evolutionary step for us was to become ‘glocal’ – to offer our marketing support seamlessly from planning right through to execution and activation at country level.

Something we realised we could not deliver without the right partnership in place.

Worldwide Partners

After 18 months of multiple conversations and exploring various partnership opportunities, we were delighted (and relieved!) to find Worldwide Partners, the 10th largest advertising and marketing communications network in the world.

Worldwide Partners is a global network of over 60 leading independent, owner-operated agencies located in over 40 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North America. The network offers a full range of communications disciplines, capabilities, services and expertise across both B2C and B2B segments.

From the very first conversation, we were impressed by the open and collaborative approach the group promotes, and the spirit of independence that shines very brightly. There is a clear shared commitment and desire to work together, to be agile and responsive to client needs.

We immediately felt a good cultural match which was an important determining factor for us.

And the benefits for us and our clients are clear and manifold:

  • A world-view at planning, strategy and concepting stage – grounds-up perspectives from country level
  • Access to and inclusion of the best local talent for the brief
  • Enhanced services and capabilities through global partners
  • Access to local insights and capabilities from around the world to maximize brand impact
  • Feet on the street for execution in-geography
  • A 24-hour ‘follow the sun’ offering and support
  • Access to best practices and business knowledge fostered and used by other agencies
  • Group discount pricing on shared products and services meaning better pricing for clients

Better Support Across Borders

We are all truly delighted to become part of Worldwide Partners and to expand our international capabilities, knowledge and footprint.

Not only can we now better support our clients across borders, but we can do so with no compromise in our normal level of service and delivery through the help of a collective of independent agencies who share the same passion, drive and dedication that we have.

It felt good to declare to the team “We Are Global!” at our last company meeting.

The world does truly feel ours.

Trish Harriss

About the author

Trish is joint MD of DirectionGroup, and specifically oversees the B2B side of the business. She is a passionate and results driven marketing and communications professional with over 20 years experience gained on both client and agency sides. Follow her here on Twitter.


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