Using the Power of Collaboration to build brand awareness
214% uplift in survey participants, 85% growth in BANT qualified leads.

For many years, Avaya has been known as a technology provider. In 2012, the company repositioned as a leader in business communications and collaboration.

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That was the big challenge for Avaya when it came to launching its latest social media campaign. From a standing start, the Power of Collaboration campaign combined acquiring, engaging and maintaining contact with an extensive group of individuals with an active interest in collaboration through social media.

Not wanting to spread the conversation too thin, activities concentrated on Twitter and LinkedIn using promoted tweets and accounts to generate interest in a live TweetChat. Influencers, customers and partners were also identified and invited to join the discussion. Insights from this event were linked to an online research initiative which provided the basis for ongoing conversations in the social space.

And the results? Nine million impressions during the one-hour TweetChat, a community of 8,000 followers established in just three months and an audience comprised of over 50% C-Suite execs.

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