What does it take to get a great British brand ready for Christmas?

Bowers & Wilkins turned to DirectionGroup for its global retail launch

As one of Britain’s most revered audio brands, Bowers & Wilkins was used to selling seriously high-end sound equipment to premium customers like Abby Road Studios. Less so to retail customers.

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Recognising a gap in the market for a high-end iPod/iPhone docking station, it released the Zeppelin - a powerful docking station designed to appeal to a larger market. To reach these customers in time for peak trading over the run up to Christmas, Bowers & Wilkins turned to DirectionGroup for its global retail launch.

Our challenge was to maintain the 40-year old brand image while presenting the Zeppelin to customers around the world.

Our response was to pare back the traditional PoS unit and bring the unique style and sound quality to the fore. Our backlit display accentuated the curvature of the Zeppelin shape while elevating the product towards the customer to encourage interaction.

The preconfigured iPod attached to each Zeppelin on display brought the technology to life through the opportunity to experiment with the sound controls.

Furthermore, each display was designed as an interlocking unit, offering Bowers & Wilkins the flexibility to extend its in-store PoS presence to include a whole family of products.

Bringing all of this together in just ten weeks, we were able to help Bowers & Wilkins prepare for a busy festive season in eight countries without undermining the company’s strong traditional brand presence in its core markets.

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